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Rosso Piceno


The name Ciù Ciù, which means “drink, drink” in the local dialect, is Natalino’s nickname. The estate is fully organic and has been since inception. A blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese grown in the towns of Acquaviva Picena and Offida, province of Ascoli Piceno. Sandy/lime soils at 750-1000 ft elevation.

Fermentation in stainless for 10 days with daily punchdowns to increase structure and extraction. 6 months maturation in stainless before bottling, then 3 months in bottle before release. Deep violet on release tending towards brick-red as it matures.

This wine shows best after a year or two in the bottle. Harmoniously complex, vinous-fruity, floral. Well-structured tannins and full body. In the best years and conditions, maturation gives it greater balance and softness. Produced from a careful hand-selection of the best grapes in the vineyards.

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