Champagne Charlot-Tanneux Cuvée Micheline 1er Cru


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Vincent Charlot’s Champagne Charlot Tanneux Cuvee Micheline 1er Cru is a Blanc de Noir made from a small plot of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Meunier in the town of Pierry (1st Cru) in the Coteaux Sud d’Epernay. Biodynamic principles are employed in the making of all of Vincent Charlot’s champagnes.

This Champagne is an exceptional one, combining the elegance of a Grand Cuvee with the distinctive personality of one of Champagne’s most promising winemakers. Vincent Charlot is one of those passionate individuals who is capable of infecting others with his enthusiasm for his work in just a few minutes.

The Champagne house of Charlot-Tanneux is situated in Mardeuil, only 3 kilometers from Epernay in the Marne Valley. The Charlot family has been involved in viticulture for generations, cultivating just over 4 hectares of vineyards in Mardeuil, Epernay, and Moussy.

Vincent Charlot is the current owner and driving force behind the winery. He is a total vintner and biodynamic practitioner who spends his time in the vineyards. Meeting him at big shows, fairs, and presentations is rare.

All of Vincent’s vineyards are Demeter certified and follow lunar cycles. Fermented plant extracts are used for vine treatments, and he creates his own compost, customized according to the type of soil.

Champagne Charlot-Tanneux Cuvee Micheline 1er Cru is a product of Vincent’s style as a vigneron, clearly showcased in his new 4 Elements range. The range features one plot, one producer, one vintage, and one grape varietal.

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