Cacique Maravilla Pipeno Pais 2021


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Valle del Bío-Bío


Cacique Maravilla produces an easy-drinking wine made from Pais vines that are over 250 years old and grown organically. This funky wine bursts with the goodness of red berries, lively acidity, and a light earthy touch.

Manuel Moraga Gutierrez is the leading figure behind Cacique Maravilla. His family has owned the land where the winery sits since 1776, and he has inherited generations of knowledge and expertise.

Cacique Maravilla has 16 hectares of vineyards where Pais, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Moscatel, and Cortino are planted. Their winemaking process involves minimal intervention to craft expressive Chilean wines.

The estate faced a significant setback in 2010 when an earthquake nearly destroyed it. Driven by his love and passion for winemaking, Manuel rebuilt the winery to continue his family’s legacy. Winemaking is not merely a lifestyle for Manuel, but an integral part of his identity.

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