Blacksmith Flesh & Bone Chenin Blanc


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Coastal Region
South Africa
Chenin Blanc


from the importer:

Tremayne Smith studied to be a chef. Influenced by his father’s love of wine, he then decided
to take up a career in winemaking and graduated in 2007. After an internship at De Trafford, he was employed full time as the assistant winemaker and vineyard manager for Sijnn, later Mullineux, and now as winemaker at Fable.

In 2014 Tremayne started his own project – The Blacksmith, which is still a very small
production label, using varieties that he has a great respect and appreciation for. What
inspired The Blacksmith was working with cultivars such as Cinsault, Carignan and
Grenache, both locally and during his travels abroad. The Blacksmith’s philosophy is to make natural wines that are both appealing and soul-satisfying.

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