Finestra Cabernet Sauvignon 2018


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Yarra Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon


The Yarra Valley Cabernet style is brilliantly captured in this wine, showcasing vibrant red fruit flavors, blackberry, and a hint of juniper with a medium-body with firm but fine tannins and a long, well-defined finish. Finestra’s Cabernets are designed for cellaring, but also offer drinking pleasure after about three years from the vintage date.

Bruce and Jo-Anne Lang’s journey towards owning their own vineyard in the Yarra Valley began with their vacation employment in the region’s nascent vineyards during the 1970s. This passion led them to acquire vineyard interests in the Beechworth district in the early 1980s before ultimately purchasing a horse paddock in Coldstream in 1987. They built a home, planted their vineyard, and raised their family on the land. When a block adjacent to the historic Yeringberg became available, they knew it was meant to be. Today, Finestra remains a family-run operation with daughter Kate, son James, and their partners Steve and Georgina assisting. With a focus on quality and artisanal production, Finestra operates on a micro-scale, reminiscent of European winemaking traditions.

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