Mayfield Gallery

Above our bottle shop/wine bar is a light, airy room that showcases the work of local artists, serves as an occasional meeting room, and offers a quiet retreat for reading and sipping. Our friends at 2 Mayfield Street —a meeting hub around the corner where makers and thinkers meet, sell, create, screen, launch, and discuss their ideas— ensure that the walls are adorned with a rotating display of art, sculpture, and makers’ works.

Mayfield Street’s inaugural Poetry Slam
17 February, 2023 at 7pm

Join us for an evening showcasing renowned and debut poets

• Amy Crutchfield, award-winning poet and author of “The Cyprian”
• Rachel Smith, poet and crime fiction writer
• Joe Pascoe, author of “A Sharp Pencil”
• Suzanne Kennedy

The poetry slam marks our first gallery exhibit of 2023:

Mrs. Cardwell’s Ghost
14. February–15. March, 2023
Joint Exhibit by Joe Pascoe and John O’Neil

John O’Neil is nationally regarded photographer. John is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria, and has exhibited at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art with panoramas of post bush fire landscapes.

The selection for Cardwell Gallery includes a little-shown small goods shops series. Again exploring the idea of profound transformation in his artwork, echoing a passion in his own life for understanding the cycle of existence. 

Joe Pascoe is a poet who uses collage to create social symbols. It is surrealism in the dada sense, offering a torn ticket to another reality. This selection riffs on the history of Cardwell Gallery as a former, popular lolly shop.

This event is free of charge. Please RSVP at Eventbrite.

Photograph by John O’Neil of urban shopfront in disrepair


by John O’Neil

Mayfield Street Clay Club
6.–8. December, 2022
Group Exhibit by the members of the Mayfield Street Studio

The young artists from Mayfield Street Clay Club showed the results of their 8-week ceramics workshop. Here’s one example of the creative, fun, sometimes serious and often hilarious projects.

Marlowe – The Sea Monster

My sister and I were swimming at the beach one day. We saw this shadow and I started swimming back to shore and Elan said, “Why are you swimming back?” I looked at her staring and the massive monster was about to chomp her head off.

The only thing that remains is the leg of the body…

Next year Mayfield Street will offer Wood Craft in addition to the Clay Club.

ceramic sculpture of a dismembered child's leg in a shark's mouth